This is a first step for your sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive...

Feel the changing seasons with your skin ... Delicate fluctuating skin

If your skin feels "dry" or "weakened" at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn, your skin's barrier may be weakened.

you take care of your Hands more gently, please
love your skin

First of all, why don't you take care of your "hands" more gently than usual

if you warm it with both hands and apply it to your skin, it will be gently loosened and you will want to take a deep breath.


and then change your mindset and return to nature♡

The beginning is from here!

katherine Cups was suffering from atopic skin.

Skin with overwhelmingly low sebum is easily damaged. And it is easy for foreign substances to enter and it is sensitive.


For a long time, I was worried and thought about how to improve the barrier function.

I finally found the ultimate balanced oils

I met Squalane from olive oil, and Rosehip oil, which is also used for burns in South America, and Argan oil, which has a long history in scorching Morocco.

I was challenging my delicate skin change
I finally found the ultimate balanced oilsーkatharineoil

and then KATHARINE OIL was born!!

this is a Katharine oil!!
its the one step to get a beautiful skin

Comfort and usability are very important for everyday use


It is sooooo comfortable texture, and it fits in skin nicely!

And then your face is getting a healthy luster! ( you so shiny! )


Fine luster and firmness

You can use Katharine oil whenever before/after using skin lotion.

You may call this oil a natural skin serum.


Just make up for what's missing on your skin and nourish it. Don't rub, don't rub, just gently cherish yourself from the palm of your hand.

Squalane (derived from olives) that is less irritating and less likely to oxidize A nutritious rosehip oil that is said to erase old scars A well-balanced blend of argan oil, which is said to create supple and strong skin.

that is a Katharine Oil!!

The vegetable oil, which has been refined to prevent nutritional damage and is not irritating, is fragrance-free. The light-shielding glass bottle is filled with nitrogen to maintain the quality as much as possible.


* Catherine oil does not contain any "paraben", "petroleum mineral oil", "surfactant", "silicone" or "fragrance".

Thank you!!!